when you take a gap year..

  1. When you take a gap year everyone considers you the most farigh bnda/bndi , (hell noooo, we are nottt) , no_one understands that we are doing this to view more academic options.
  2. If you are taking a gap year then don’t listen to people , they will demotivate you , just stick to your goal and keep working….iA there will be good reward for you in the end.. 🙂
  3. During this period you will suffer from anxiety , deppression and insomnia… 
  4. Questions you have to hear 😂 what’s you next plan ? Did you sleep all day ? People think you became lazy bcz you have nothing to do 😒 , 
  5. Check all the updates about new admissions , take care of your physical and mental health, and do what your heart says.
  6. Ok bye 😃😅